By using the lastest in UAS technology we offer aerial solutions in order to improve effiency, increase safety and reduce costs. We use the latest UAS technology to provide detailed inspection reports with high resolution images. Wether you need Real Estate photpgraphy, live wire utility surveying, structural surveying or live feed videography for an aerial survey of a man made or natural disaster, we have a team qualified to provide that service.


We can offer a complete bank of high resolution area photos within most formats of your choice.

Real Estate Agents

We can offer a complete bank of high resolution area photos within most formats of your choice. These images can then be used for future marketing purposes or uploaded to your local MLS systems. Our video is shot in mutliple quality formats of your choice from 720p, 1080p to 4K depending upon the application needed.

Structural Imaging

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Construction Site Imaging

Oblique digital images are perfect when the need for a 180 to 360 degree images are needed such as construction site progress, marketing and or topographic data. Our GPS guided UAS's can be sent to specific destinations to obtain images needed then return to those same waypoints at a later date.
Images are delivered in large print format or digital files.

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging photo's will provide high resolution images of a vast amount of projects ranging from thermal roof inspections, energy ineffiency calculations 

Disaster Surveying

Partnering with the nations professional first responders we are able to give a unique perspective with a casious approach to survey man made and natural disasters. Our UAS platforms use the latest GPS technology to fly specified flight paths over an area needing surveyed. Then while using  thermal imaging technology, provide a live feed via high definition videography to give quick incite into victim and or patient locations.  

Wildland Fire Survey's

The destruction a wildland fire can cause is enormous. We can partner with government agencies for pre fire survey's to create better preplans on high risk areas as well as post fire surveys to calculate damages to areas raveged by fire.

HazMat Response

The risks are high in regards to hazardous materials response. Our UAS's can increase productivity and safety by surveying the scene and analizing from a distance prior to sending trained professionals in hazmat gear with complete SCBA systems.